Kane flying in NSW

How to make a wheelbarrow fly....the Redbull Flugtag Sydney 2010.
1. Get a group of Kane staff together
2. Make a wing out of PVC, shrink wrap and attach to a wheel barrow
3. Climb on and push it off a ramp on Sydney Harbour

It all started with a bright idea to have a bit of fun and after eight weeks of preparation, on a beautiful sunny Sunday with Tony Assaf on top and Guy Beaumont, Corey Hema and Shane Rouhani pushing, the Kane-A-Kazi's launched the flying wheel barrow off a 6m platform in front over 30,000 people at Mrs Macquarie's Point.

To everyone's surprise Tony gracefully glided close to 12m, slightly short of the Australian record of 20.5m but there is always 2012.

Well done to all involved.