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Linking Deakin University - The Burwood Link

18th July, 2016

The Burwood Link will be a pedestrian crossing over the Gardiners Creek reserve between the Burwood Highway and Elgar Road sides of the Deakin University campus in Burwood, Victoria.

The new bridge has been designed to be a lighter, narrower, less obtrusive and more environmentally friendly crossing with a 'natural rusted steel look'.

With more than 43,000 pedestrian trips per week across the existing small bridge, including 1,000 pedestrian movements an hour at busy times, the proposed new Burwood Link will provide a safe, accessible and environmentally friendly crossing.

Kane Constructions was appointed in early July under a design and construct contract.

Key statistics:

- Length 245 metres
- Width 4 - 6 metres 
- Depth of truss 3.8 metres
- Height above ground  15 metres