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The Cadet Program: Trainees & Graduates

Build your career with Kane Constructions

Are you looking to become a Project Manager, Site Manager, Estimator, Engineer or Design Manager? Then do it The Kane Way and join the program.

The Cadet Program has been developed over 50 years to ensure our most valuable asset, our people, are equipped with the skills to become leaders in their chosen field. Employing driven people and mentoring them in the Kane Way is a key success factor.

Own your career like many of our senior staff who have come through the program.

Hear from our team

The Cadet Program: Trainees & Graduates

David Laycock
Project Manager

“I joined Kane as a Cadet Estimator in 2007, after my brother sold the construction industry to me while I was in high school. The Brisbane office had just been established and this provided me with a fantastic opportunity to grow with the business.

The Kane cadetship program was a great base for my career and provided the pathway to reach my current position as a Project Manager.

Construction is an engaging, challenging and rewarding industry. There is never a dull moment. I enjoy solving problems, working with new people on every job and seeing the projects I have worked on become a reality.

I’ve been fortunate to deliver some of Kane Queensland’s more technical projects, including the All Hallows School, “Exchange Project”. This was a unique construction experience consisting of the extension and refurbishment of an existing four-storey school building in a live operational environment using an innovative form of cross laminated timber construction.”

The Cadet Program: Trainees & Graduates

Kate Dawson
Contract Manager

“I commenced my career in the construction industry with Kane in 2006 as a Cadet Estimator. I gained experience and knowledge in the estimating department, where liaising with subcontractors, consultants and clients gave me a key understanding of pre-construction activities prior to heading out to site.

I gradually worked my way up to my current Contract Manager position, and was always supported from the experienced Kane staff around me to learn and build on my skills. I have been lucky enough to have worked on a range of exciting and challenging projects within the hospital, tertiary and private sectors.

I take great pleasure and pride in sharing my experiences and skills with new Kane cadets, and providing them with support to facilitate their growth. Kane acknowledge that we all start somewhere and the progression of our cadets can be attributed to the continued support and guidance of our senior staff.”

The Cadet Program: Trainees & Graduates

Abbie Ward
Contract Administrator

“I joined Kane in 2020 as a Cadet Estimator, completely by accident. After graduating from my architecture degree, I struggled to find experience and stumbled across Kane’s Cadetship program. I figured it would be easier to design a building if I knew how it was built.

I ended up loving construction. There are so many roles available, whether it’s estimating, design management or construction, there is space to figure out what you love and a variety of work. Every project is different and this creates constant learning opportunities. The people at Kane create a welcoming and supportive environment for all.

Having completed the cadetship in 2021, I’m now working as a Contract Administrator. I would like to work my way up to a Project Manager role.

To anyone contemplating construction, I recommend jumping in head first and giving it a go.”

The Cadet Program: Trainees & Graduates

Ben Barrett
Construction Manager

“I joined Kane in 1994 as a Cadet Estimator and enjoyed learning the fundamentals of pricing and winning work in estimating. I progressed to a site based role as a Contract Administrator, then Contract Manager and was fortunate to be given the opportunity to deliver international projects for Kane in a variety of locations including PNG, Islamabad, Tonga and Bangladesh.

I was soon promoted to the position of Project Manager and following 28 odd years, have recently been promoted to the role of Construction Manager. I have loved my career at Kane. The autonomy given to those working at Kane is fantastic. The Kane culture is unique. A culture of trust, comradery, collaboration and accountability. Our culture extends to relationships with our clients, consultants and subcontractors. The annual subcontractor awards nights is an example of how we recognise the importance and value of subcontractors to the business, and gives everyone a chance to celebrate our joint success.

Kane offer a diversity of projects in all sectors of construction. For me this creates opportunities to learn, and makes coming to work both interesting and rewarding. Each project will undoubtedly have its own unique challenges and hurdles to cross. My recent experience working on the Penguin Parade in Phillip Island was a unique experience. Penguin checks before commencing work each day is something I do not think I will experience again.”

The Cadet Program: Trainees & Graduates

Chris Bainbridge
Senior Contract Manager

“I joined Kane in 2004 as a Cadet Estimator. As my experience developed, my career pathway has grown from Contract Administrator, Contract Manager, Project Manager, to my current role as Senior Contract Manager.

I’ve had a fantastic opportunity to deliver some of Kane’s largest, interesting and most complex projects across a range of industry sectors including health, education, commercial, tertiary, sports and leisure and heritage restoration.

I enjoy working within a collaborative team environment and building relationships. I particularly love working with Kane’s up and coming younger staff, and teaching them Kane’s systems and processes.

I am part of the team that delivered Kane’s Jobpac financial management software training program, and continue to lead this system with our staff.

What sets Kane apart is the great people, the comradery and our relationships with the external project stakeholders we work with. I relish the opportunity to continue to grow and learn, and continually improve the way we do things.”

The Cadet Program: Trainees & Graduates

Jack Fowler
Project Manager

“I commenced my career with Kane as a Cadet in 2011. In this time I have been given the opportunity to work on a variety of challenging projects across a range of industry sectors including health, education, hospitality and community to name a few. These projects have seen me working in Melbourne, regional Victoria as well as a stint in Malaysia.

Throughout my time with Kane, I have grown and developed in numerous roles. Initially as a Cadet, my career pathway has seen me move from a Contract Administrator, Site Engineer, Site Manager, to my most recent role as a Project Manager. The cadet program is tailored around the individual’s current and future goals and aspirations. Great leaders and mentors support you every step of the way on this journey.

Working for Kane provides you with an exciting project portfolio where no two projects are the same. Each project is distinctly different and challenging. The most rewarding part of my role is the early project planning and goal setting stage, then working with the team to accomplish these goals and achieve successful project outcomes.”

The Kane Way Program

The Cadet Program: Trainees & Graduates

The Kane Way Program incorporates streams of:

  • Estimating and contract administration (all states)
  • Site management (VIC)
  • Project engineering (VIC)
  • Work Health and Safety (VIC)
  • Design management (VIC)

Throughout the two year Kane Way program you will be nurtured and assisted in your early development at Kane.

You will be provided with:

  • Support and guidance from a mentor
  • Learning in your chosen field
  • The opportunity to work on fast paced interesting, exciting projects that you will be proud of
  • Assurance you will be given meaningful, and challenging work
  • Opportunity to interact with others and form life long friendships
  • Flexibility to continue/complete your studies

Your future

The Cadet Program: Trainees & Graduates

There are many disciplines cadets can specialise in, and we will help you find your role with career opportunities in:

  • Work Health and Safety
  • Quality management
  • Estimating
  • Contract administration
  • Services engineering
  • Project engineering
  • Site management
  • Contract management
  • Design management
  • Project management

If you are interested in a rewarding career which starts through our programs, please click to apply on your relevant location below.