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Our Culture

Our People

Our greatest asset is our people. 

It's a cliche but it's true.

We engage and promote those with appropriate skills, experience and technical qualifications within a flat and open management structure. Graduates in building, engineering and architecture occupy project management, contract administration, design management and engineering positions. 

Careful staff selection ensures site managers and foremen of the highest calibre make up the on-site teams. Teamwork, backed by effective communication systems and administration resources, ensures a highly motivated approach to the most challenging projects.

We have a strong graduate program and place significant emphasis on training and mentoring of our cadets and trainee site managers. The majority of our executive team and senior managers commenced as cadets with Kane Constructions.  

Our Culture
Our Culture

The Kane Way

The Kane Constructions culture is evident in the way we behave, honour our commitments and collaborate with all stakeholders - clients, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers and work colleagues.

Professionalism, competence, integrity and enjoying what we do are the foundations of the culture; we know our business and believe in ourselves.

Employing young people and mentoring them in the Kane Way is a key success factor. Our people are trained and empowered to take on new challenges and fulfil their potential and are rewarded accordingly. We recognise the need for work/life balance and encourage our teams to self regulate. As a result, Kane attracts and retains staff.

We are opportunistic, entrepreneurial and we welcome new ideas. We have a supportive environment and systems which assist us in managing what we do whilst enhancing our performance.

Our Culture

We are competitive, lean and hungry. We are demanding of ourselves and accountable; we strive to exceed expectations in the knowledge that success and job satisfaction go hand in hand. 

Our culture welcomes differing personalities and leadership styles but strong, complementary teams are fundamental.
In an industry where transience is common, at Kane, great value is placed on long term employment and the sharing of experience.

Open and efficient decision making from the top down with a flat, senior management structure ensures clear and effective communication and direction.

We are encouraged to grow with the business which fosters a strong sense of community and pride in the company. Kane is a uniquely friendly and fun place to work. As a result we are loyal and committed to securing the company's future; maintaining its culture and retaining its dynamism and the long term relationships that result.