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Trinity College Gateway Building

3rd May, 2017

In the third quarter of 2016, Kane delivered the $24 million Design & Construct Trinity College 'Gateway Building' Main Works project.

The project involved the construction of the new 'Gateway Building', associated landscaping works and wayfinding installation.

The proposed building is located in the south east corner of the Trinity College campus. It fronts Tin Alley to the south and the main pedestrian path around the oval to the east.

Affiliated with Melbourne University since 1872, Trinity College is home to the prestigious and successful Foundation Studies program – an academic ‘gateway’ that prepares up to 1,800 international students for entry into the University’s undergraduate courses each year. The new building serves as the headquarters to the Foundation Studies program, which was previously accommodated in leased buildings across Carlton.

Foundation Studies is now served by a 300-seat lecture theatre, 25 tutorial rooms, five drama studios, music rooms and a physics lab, while Trinity College’s extensive cultural collections and archives are housed in a new gallery space and purpose- built displays. According to Trinity College Warden, Professor Ken Hinchcliff, the building has had a significant impact on the college’s culture. “The Gateway Building has brought 1,800 Foundation Studies students back to the Trinity campus, where there is now a much greater sense of belonging,” said Professor Hinchcliff.

“The first-class facilities have been stunningly successful, as evidenced by a surge in their demand for use. The building has been embraced by students, residents, staff and college alumni, as well as the broader University of Melbourne community,” he continued. From an urban planning perspective, this successful infrastructure has effectively blurred the boundary between Trinity College and the University. The Gateway Building has created a uniquely permeable connection, which Professor Hinchcliff believes is responsible for “re-energising the Tin Alley precinct and enhancing the collegiate experience for Trinity College students.”

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