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Australian Centre for Synchrotron Science


$30 million


Australian Synchrotron


Bates Smart
Umow Lai

This $30 million contract comprised the construction of a number of new buildings and facilities at the Australian Synchrotron in Clayton, Melbourne.

The Australian Centre for Synchrotron Science building includes a 400 seat auditorium, seminar rooms, an exhibition space, cafeteria and support services. These new facilities have greatly enhanced the ability of the Australian Synchrotron to share the excitement of research and discovery with the wider Australian public.

The Australian Synchrotron has been highly successful in attracting scientists from across Australia and New Zealand to use the facility's beamlines. With experiments typically taking two to three days to complete, the project also includes fifty self-contained rooms and ancillary services.

A Technical Support Laboratories Building also comprises a significant part of the project. This facility, separate from the main synchrotron building, will re-house existing technical support laboratories, releasing space for additional scientific user laboratories. Other developments in the project include an office extension building and an extension to the synchrotron's electrical power plant.

The lump sum contract was completed in mid-2012.