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Bribie Island Aquaculture Research Centre




Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries


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The $5m Sustainable Fisheries Research Facility (SFRF) at QPIF´s Bribie Island Research Centre was opened in May 2009.

The facilitates collaborative research between aquaculture and wild fisheries in south-east Queensland were designed to provide flexibility in the types of research that can be carried out.

Features including three separate indoor spaces that are temperature controlled to simulate cooler or warmer climates, a recirculation system allowing the facility to use minimal fresh water and run independently of the site’s seawater supply, a quarantine area and ozone treatment system for wastewater ensuring strict biosecurity. Other facilities included a specialist PC2 certified biotechnology laboratory, with capacity to carry out a range of molecular techniques, commercial size nursery and growout ponds and a variety of tanks for holding and carrying out replicated experiments of live marine organisms.