Master Builder of the Year | National 2016 | Victoria 2016, 2017
PROJECTS | Victoria

Brunswick Baths Redevelopment




City of Moreland


Davis Langdon
Henderson+Lodge Architects

The Brunswick City Baths was originally constructed in 1914. There have been a number of changes and additions to the facilities over time, such as removal of the 10 metre diving tower and construction of the gym and cafe extensions.

In 2011 Kane Cosntructions was engaged to undertake a major redevelopment involving the renewal of many of the existing facilities, while also addressing a ing a range of regulatory, compliance and efficiency issues.

The new Baths are more accessible, environmentally friendly and provide more options for all ages and abilities to participate in a healthy and active lifestyle.

The scope of the redevelopment included:

  • the relocation and expansion of the health club and creche
  • renewal of the existing 50 metre outdoor pool and the indoor pool
  • new facilities, such as an indoor play pool and lift access
  • address a range of compliance, 
  • improved accessibility.

Following a successful tender process, Kane Constructions worked with the client and design team to identify a number of cost savings prior to finalising the $16 million lump sum contract.