Enoggera Road Apartments

Office: Queensland
Sector: Residential
Value: $1.6M
Client: Department of Communities


Project Services

Enoggera Road Apartments Enoggera Road Apartments Enoggera Road Apartments

The 10 apartments were split between adaptable, semi-adaptable and non-adaptable for persons with disability requirements and providing BCA compliant standards. They were constructed over two separate buildings plus covered car accommodation. Key areas of importance were in the adaptable and non-adaptable units with regard to disability requirements throughout the apartment. In particular the bathrooms and kitchens. This included falls to tiled areas, PWD showers and toilets, removable kitchen cupboards and shelves and kitchen layouts in line with disability standards for access.

The main challenge on this project was the site access and traffic management. Being on Enoggera Road, a major arterial road in and out of the Brisbane CBD, there was a great deal of effort put into the traffic management plan and minimal disruption to Enoggera Road in particular during peak hour traffic periods. Traffic management was on hand for all major deliveries and lane closures were required at times in special circumstances. Kane worked closely with local road authorities to ensure these operations ran smoothly and without incident.

The project was delivered six weeks ahead of the contract completion date.

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