Master Builder of the Year | National 2016 | Victoria 2016, 2017
PROJECTS | New South Wales

Military Law Centre & Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law, Victoria Barracks






Department of Defence


Gardner Wetherill

The $4.6M project, delivered by fixed lump sum after competitive tender, involved the design and construction of the new Military Law Centre and Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law Headquarters at Victoria Barracks in Inner Sydney’s Victoria Barracks.

The building was a 1000m2 single storey building with 2 distinct wings, one being used for the Administration purposes and housing all the teaching and administration staff of the facility and the other half being for Training including several small syndicate rooms, break-out/function space and a large training room for up to 36 students with all associated audio-visual facilities in all rooms. The end facility had to be built over an existing Detention Basin as the site was located at the bottom of the Base and this Basin was required to still be a catchment area for groundwater from around the Base.

The works to the area were carried out simultaneously in coordination and cooperation with Defence project personnel and Project Management firm Thinc Projects.

The works were carried out without disruption to the base operations and this included power and water shutdowns for connection and commissioning. The project was delivered on program and in accordance with all Defence requirements.

The new building provides a new base for the MLC & APCML and the User Group were incredibly happy with their new facility and appreciate the time and dedication Kane put in to designing a facility that was functional to their needs and met their everyday requirements.