Master Builder of the Year | National 2016 | Victoria 2016, 2017
PROJECTS | New South Wales

Northern Suburbs Crematorium - Condolence and Administration Building






Invocare Australia Pty Ltd


Md+A Architects

The scope of works was to construct two separate curved buildings linked by an outdoor cafe area and covered walkway adjacent to the boundary of a National Park. This included a condolence building featuring:
- function room
- commercial kitchen
- server

The other building is an administration building with:
- meeting rooms
- staff kitchen
- central power
- IT hub

The site was cut into an existing slope and therefore a large retaining wall and garden retaining walls were built to support the new levels, a carpark and decorative feature round-about was constructed and finished off with detailed landscaping.

Cost savings on the project included a redesign of the piers due to the strength of rock found and tested by Kane.