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TransGrid Sydney West Regional Accommodation






McLachlan Liste

This $8 million project comprised the construction of a new commercial office building and refurbishment of a further two buildings.

The office building, referred to as Block B, is a new two level steel framed structure with lightweight concrete slabs. The design required large free spans which has been accomplished using welded truss beams to support the first level suspended slab. A link structure connects to an existing facility completed by Kane in 2007.

Block L, an existing building underwent an extensive refurbishment which has resulted in a new entry way, break out space, new external cladding (using Trespa panels) and the replacement of all windows.

Block W, the second of the existing buildings has been internally refurbished to modernise the main work space.

In addition to the building works, an extensive civil works component has been completed including a stormwater catchment upgrade, refurbishment and extension of the existing car park and both soft and hard landscaping.

Delivered under a lump sum contract, the project was completed in late 2014.

Kane Constructions has delivered a number of facilities for TransGrid.