Deakin University Fire Main Upgrade

Office: Victoria
Sector: Tertiary
Value: $1M
Client: Deakin University Australia



Deakin University Fire Main Upgrade

Kane were awarded the $1M Lump Sum contract for the Deakin University Fire Main Upgrade in July 2016.

The scope of works included:

- Extension of site fire service ring main to circle of the Burwood Road site and connection to that part of the Ring Main already installed with minimum disruption to existing site services
- Traffic management
- Detailed survey of the proposed route, locate and mark on the surface all services located before starting excavation or boring - Pressure control valves on sprinkler connections to limit pressure
- Blanked branches for future extension
- Valved branches for future extension
- Cable tracing of new pipe
- Connect existing fire services to the new fire main and remove boosters
- Pressure and flow test the installation and demonstrate code compliance
- Pressure test the complete installation to 1,700kPa, (new and existing)

This project reached Practical Completion in the third quarter of 2017.

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