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The Benefits of Early Contractor Involvement

26th September, 2016

Would you consider Early Contractor Involvement for your next project?

Everyone likes to achieve “value”, especially in construction.  What is “value”?  It could be reduced construction cost driven by innovation or faster delivery. Value may not be about cost at all, it could be ensuring a project is fit for purpose and achieves long term benefits through operational efficiencies. In order to unlock this value, Kane often undertake projects under an Early Contractor Involvement agreement (ECI), whereby we are engaged early in the process to provide input prior to submitting a fixed lump sum fee for construction.

ECI is not about stripping design elements from the project; we collaborate with the client and their stakeholders to achieve successful outcomes.  It is our experience with ECI that it provides greater value to the project than traditional procurement models.

Kane has undertaken many projects in this manner and provided a range of value-adds to the project in projects ranging from $2m to $120m. Talk to Kane when considering ECI for your next project.  We would be happy to share with you some real life examples of these efficiencies and discuss where we can positively impact your project.