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ArchitectureAU features M3565 Main Beach Apartments

14th May, 2018

Last month Architecture AU featured the M3565 Main Beach Apartments, referring to the prestigious beachside apartments designed by Virginia Kerridge as “an authentic architecture of materiality”. 

Kane Queensland completed the construction in 2017. The high-end industrial design style incorporates seven apartments over eight storeys, plus an underground basement car park. 

The building envelope consisted of off form coloured concrete wrapped in pre-patina zinc cladding and recycled grey ironbark timber screens. ESD initiatives included environmentally sustainable materials, solar panels, water storage tank and gas generator.

Being located directly on the beachfront, the management of challenging site conditions played a pivotal factor in the success of the project. Factors such as sand retention, rock walls, tides and limited access made the building process difficult, and the corrosive nature of the sea air and strong winds made material selection (both temporary and permanent) extremely important, as well as tight quality control to ensure the project is built to last. 

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