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Automated Waste Collection System Station, Maroochydore




Sunshine Coast Council


Advisory Services (QLD)
Hames Sharley
Calibre Group


2021 Master Builders Queensland Excellence in Construction for Community Service Facilities

Kane was engaged by the Sunshine Coast Council under a Design and Construct contract to deliver Australia’s first high tech underground Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) within the new Maroochydore City Centre on the Sunshine Coast.

The AWCS transports waste from a series of public realm inlets located throughout the city centre via a network of heavy-duty underground steel vacuum pipes to the AWCS. Waste travels at speeds of up to 70kmph through the 6.5km system.

The new technology increases recycling rates, promotes sustainable waste management, and reduces congestion and noise pollution on city streets by eliminating trucks.

The building was designed to be both aesthetically appealing and functional. It houses a vast array of large specialised plant across both storeys, all of which play very specific and unique roles within the building. The building has dedicated staff spaces including an office, kitchen and bathroom.

The noise created by the mechanical equipment is confined within the exterior walls so neighbouring properties are not affected. This was a focal point for Kane during the design phase as the city centre masterplan is still being fine-tuned.

The project team elected to construct the building out of tilt panels in lieu of the originally detailed blockwork to assist in reaching the acoustic targets and reducing the overall construction time.

The lot was future-proofed by Kane in readiness for future buildings. Provisions for power, water and drainage were installed in strategic locations.

The AWCS is one of the first buildings completed within the new city centre. Once complete, the new centre will become a major hub for both commercial and residential premises on the Sunshine Coast.