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Mater Hospital Whitty Building Early Works Upgrade




Mater Health Services



The project encompassed an early works package in readiness for the complete Whitty Building redevelopment; a heritage listed building constructed in 1911, located within the Mater Hospital’s South Brisbane Campus.

As an early works package, the primary scope was to complete asbestos removal and internal demolition so that the consultant team could access and investigate areas not currently accessible.  Additional scope included the fitout of some other areas including lecture theatres, offices and a communications room while offering buildability advice for the stage 2 redevelopment.

Kane was required to maintain throughout the project a safe thoroughfare through the building work zone for the hospital stakeholders. This involved close communication with the client and detailed planning and staging of works to ensure compliant temporary infrastructure was provided to maintain the access way.  During the works a single tenancy (Bio med) was required to remain functional throughout the project.  This required close coordination with the hospital stakeholders especially during services isolations and shutdowns.  Some new infrastructure was required to be installed prior to some services shutdowns.