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Following the successful completion of the Stage 2 expansion of the Southern Queensland Centre of Excellence in Indigenous Primary Health, Kane Constructions was engaged to undertake the Lump Sum contract to provide additional gym and fitness facilities in the basement of the Stage 2 building. The new fitness space is available to the community and staff of the centre, to improve overall health and wellbeing.

The scope of works included the excavation of the existing basement area, and modification to the existing basement areas to enable the construction of a new 190m2 gymnasium, exercise and rehabilitation spaces, a physiotherapy treatment area, storage space and a new bike store.

Having previously worked on the Stage 2 development, Kane were aware of the poor ground conditions beneath the facility. Due to the extensive excavation that the basement gym required whilst the facility remained operational, Kane took additional precautionary measures, including the use of a conveyor belt to aid the removal of excess soil from under the building rather than the conventional method of a bobcat to carry out the full process. This process not only reduced the overall time, however, also prevented potential damage to the existing footpath and successfully delivered the project without risk or disruption to the existing facility.