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New year, new mind

12th January, 2022

Kane Constructions places a strong emphasis on the health and wellbeing of staff and is committed to supporting the Kane community during challenging times.

As we move into the new year, Kane has partnered with Hope Assistance Local Tradies (HALT) to run mental health toolbox sessions on-site to raise awareness about mental health and provide the tools to support yourself and your mates when going through a tough time.

HALT is a national grass-roots suicide prevention charity that host events for tradies and apprentices across Australia to raise awareness of mental health and connect people with local and national support services.

Kane is proud to be partnering with HALT to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health issues and develop familiarity and connection to health services available in the local community. The HALT mental health sessions will be rolled out across Kane sites in Victoria.

Prior to the Christmas break, the HALT team conducted a toolbox talk at Kane’s Wonthaggi Hospital project. President and Co-founder of HALT Jeremy Forbes shared his internal and external influences on his personal life and linked the team with national support organisations and local health services.

During the pandemic, Kane has established a number of positive health and wellbeing initiatives for staff. In partnership with Incolink, Kane has developed the Employee Assistance Program to provide employees and their immediate family members access to free and confidential counselling with experienced counsellors and psychologists.

Kane has also partnered with the Healthy Tradie Project, founded by Kane Constructions ACT Operations Manager Pip Seldon to run wellness sessions on-site and provide staff with practical exercises and the necessary tools to remain calm when exposed to stressful situations.

Kane has developed a range of resources and activities to assist staff during the lockdown period and most importantly, stay connected. These online activities included meditation sessions, yoga, family gymnastics, and virtual social interactions.

Top three images: HALT toolbox talk at Wonthaggi Hospital

Bottom three images: Healthy Tradie Project wellness session at Docklands Studios Stage 6

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